Friday, June 17, 2011


Yesterday was a regular day.

Isaac and I made waffles. Five minutes out of bed and, when asked who wants to help in the kitchen he shouts "MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!" like his pants are on fire and I asked who wants a bucket of water.

Then we had cello practice. Mom was Maestra, since practice with Dad goes something like this:

"Hey, play that one song"
"I don't remember how it starts."
"Me Neither. Wanna read books?"

I applauded their songs, got refreshments, and gave Isaac a time-out when he got mad and tried to commit cellicide by sawing his instrument in half with his bow.

When it was time to go, I collected my hugs and kisses (Isaac on the lips, Jack on the cheek, as always). Jack has just started saying, "I love you too, dad" which is sweet. I walked out of the house wondering when I became "Dad" instead of "Daddy".

Then I went to work. Where I worked. Work used to seem like a break, but now that being at home no longer feels like a cross between bootcamp and chaperoning at Animal House, work is back to being workish.

I had an event that ran late, so I got home after the boys were asleep. I went into the bedroom, where they were both sprawled on their beds like lusty pirates after a long day of pillaging, taking up far more bed-space than they did a year ago, or even six months ago.

I crouched down next to their beds, breathing in the smell of sleepy little-boy breath, and wept.

Back in the bootcamp days...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Left Coast Randomness

My dear friend Shumit is a stay at home dad out in Cali with a sharp eye for the humorous side of the body-fluid soaked bacchanal that is parenting. Shu and I have a long history together, including some mischief that should by rights prohibit us from ever being in charge of any other human being, no matter how small. But nature has blessed us with fine swimmers and physiques that at least two women in the world do not find repellent, and so we find ourselves raising our own little progeny on opposite sides of the country, and blogging about poop, vomit, and sleep deprivation. I always enjoy reading his posts. He's the type of guy that can put the "fun" in "funeral". One of my favorites is linked here