Monday, April 4, 2011


A very close friend of mine just had her first baby this week. What I want to say is, "You're gonna be SO GREAT at this!" What I should say is, "You're gonna kind of suck at this, but it's OK, because we all do."

I was having a conversation with a (childless)colleague the other day, and he mentioned (with disdain) that some celebrity (who I know nothing about because I have kids) HIDES her children's vegetables in foods they like by chopping them up small, or pureeing them.

Apparently,this is WRONG.

I was taking notes and pulling out my iPhone to cruise Amazon for food processors.


Jack eats about 5 different foods, all of them beige. i comfort myself with the reminder that they are organically beige. I figure I can either let him eat his beige slop until he gets over it, or deal with the barf. Jack is a barfer. Nothing ends an argument about "trying new things" quicker than a nice warm puddle of sick.

Isaac has no such qualms. The other day he requested: smoked salmon, pickles, and olive paste on flatbread. Standard fare for old Jewish men. Isaac is adventurous, lusty, and daring. But he has his preferences.

There is one culinary rule in Chez Norman-Sokoll: Broccoli. Thou Shalt Eat Broccoli. Not either kids favorite, but they will both eat it without barfing. Yesterday for dinner I chose carrots (the only other non-beige item Jack will ingest, albeit grudgingly). Isaac remarked, "We're not having Broccoli??!! My favorite??!!"
Thinking we had reached the promised land of vegetable appreciation, I scooped Isaac up and said, "Broccoli is your favorite, huh?"

"No dad. Not having Broccoli. That's my favorite."

Jack enjoying some beige...