Thursday, April 15, 2010

Random Kid Thing #75

Let me start with a disclaimer. Jack is a really good big brother. He's rarely hurts his brother intentionally, but he has been guilty of subjecting Isaac to hazardous experimentation without his consent. Part of the reason Isaac stays so safe is because he has street smarts beyond his years, and can see a setup coming from a mile away. So we're in the backyard (if you live outside of the urban jungle, think "patio") and I hear Jack whimpering from around the corner, so I go to investigate.

"Isaac won't let me play the game I want to play!"

"What game, Jack?"


"All Isaac has to do is just STAND there. With his eyes closed. And NOT move."

"Um,...oh yeah? And what are you going to do then?

Another pause, accompanied by a faint ghost of a grin.

"That a secret."